Delivering for Florida in the 118th Congress

Senator Marco Rubio
3 min readJan 26, 2023

By Marco Rubio

Florida has gone through a lot in the past year, from the devastation of Hurricane Ian to the unprecedented illegal migrant crisis that continues to affect our southern counties. In spite of it all, our great state remains a bright spot in a nation covered by darkness. While the GOP suffered midterm disappointments across the rest of the country, my historic victory showed that, even as things look bad in Washington, Floridians are more committed to freedom and the promise of America than ever before.

But I wasn’t reelected to celebrate that success. I was reelected to continue the work I started 12 years ago — to be the most effective senator for Florida in United States history — and that is what I intend to do.

That starts with protecting Florida agriculture from unfair trade practices. Mexico, Peru, Chile, and other foreign producers heavily subsidize their agricultural industries and are dumping ever-greater quantities of seasonal fruits and vegetables into the American market. My Defending Domestic Produce Production Act would empower Florida growers with new options to pursue durable trade relief.

It’s not just trade that’s the problem, though. Our state’s citrus growers are also suffering from an outdated U.S. policy that requires 10.5 percent sugar content in orange juice. This arbitrary regulation is forcing Florida producers — still recovering from multiple hurricanes and virulent pests — to import foreign oranges, and it’s pushing local citrus farms to the brink. I will keep advancing my bill to update federal regulations until it becomes law, ensuring that Florida orange juice remains an American staple.

I will also keep pushing to protect Florida’s small businesses. Our state is home to unique traditional industries like those of hand-crafted premium cigar and fishing gear companies. It’s in our interest to support the entrepreneurs who keep these industries alive. And yet, such companies are penalized by overregulation and burdensome fees in federal code. With my Traditional Cigar Manufacturing and Small Business Jobs Preservation Act and Fishing Equipment Tax Relief Act, I intend to eliminate those penalties for good.

In addition, I will continue protecting Florida’s environment and access to natural resources. We made great progress last year when President Biden signed the South Florida Clean Coastal Waters Act and the Restoring Resilient Reefs Act into law. We also furthered the restoration of the Everglades through the completion of the C-44 Reservoir and Storm-Water Treatment Area in Martin County. But there is more to be done. We need to replenish Southeast Florida’s beaches, expand our state’s access to water quality project funds, defend its shores from intrusive oil and gas drilling, and support long-term efforts to revitalize aquatic ecosystems. I have bills to accomplish all these tasks — we just need the rest of Congress to get on board.

Finally, I will push for changes to the federal disaster response to Hurricanes Ian and Nicole, which was composed by Democrats behind closed doors and left Floridians in the dark. A proper response should respond to the unique needs of disaster victims. I remain committed to securing our citizens the relief they deserve.

Floridians have shown that they don’t need the rest of the country’s approval to build a freer, more prosperous community in the Sunshine State. Nevertheless, when and where the federal government’s aid is required, I will be there, building coalitions and exerting leverage to deliver for Florida. Because that’s what my public service is all about — doing right by the men and women who elected me.



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