How Congress Can Protect Americans from Communist China’s Bid for Domination

Senator Marco Rubio
3 min readJan 31, 2023

By Marco Rubio

When President Bill Clinton urged Congress to let China join the World Trade Organization (WTO), he said it was “clearly in our larger national interest” and “the most significant opportunity that we have to create positive change in China.” Clinton’s remarks may have sounded nice at the time, but the past 20 years have shown them to be utterly naïve. Capitalism didn’t change China. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) changed capitalism — and robbed the United States of its economic strength and independence in the process.

The operation began when Beijing leveraged inhumanely low labor costs and government subsidies to lure manufacturing and capital from the United States to China. Major American corporations and investment firms, which had already decided their loyalty lay with international stock holders and the market rather than their country, were happy to take the bait. They didn’t realize — or were too greedy to care — that they were walking into a trap.

Today, we see how Communist China used its access to our markets against us. It has bought, copied, and stolen our assets to build a manufacturing monopoly over the world’s most critical industries. And it has used our reliance on Chinese goods to expand its authoritarian influence over American politics and society.

This cannot be allowed to continue. Fortunately, there is a growing consensus among lawmakers that we have a duty to chart a new course. But talking about a problem is one thing; doing something about it now is another — and there is a lot to do.

First and foremost, we need to prevent our markets from enriching Beijing-controlled firms. Hardworking Americans should not have to worry about their investment dollars ending up in the hands of companies affiliated with the People’s Liberation Army, which are manufacturing the weapons that one day may be used to kill U.S. service members. That’s why I am reintroducing several bills to starve dangerous Chinese firms of American capital.

In addition, policymakers must crack down on U.S.-based companies that do Beijing’s bidding. Far too many corporations believe they can headquarter in America while sucking up to a communist regime for greater profits — even to the point of allowing Communist Party cells to influence their operations. I will keep pushing to ensure these companies are held accountable and pay a price for their lack of patriotism.

Finally, Congress must protect the American people from CCP spyware and influence campaigns. That means banning social media apps controlled by our enemies, such as TikTok and WeChat. My bipartisan bill to do just that made headlines when it was first introduced last year. I am hopeful that my legislation will continue to garner support and make its way into law. Our country will be better for it.

Speaking on the 20th anniversary of China’s accession to the WTO, I said that “forging a new path towards a pro-America capitalism that protects our nation’s interests…will not be easy, because some of the most powerful interests in our economy are deeply invested in the status quo.” That remains true, but so does my obligation to do right by the people who elected me. So long as I have fight within me, I won’t stop working to protect America from Beijing’s bid for global domination.



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